Dominoes & Wire
Cut Paper
Bristol Board
Mass & Texture
Plaster of Paris, Acrylic & Spray Paint

Armature Wire, Aluminum Foil, Sculpey & Acrylic
In a world otherwise filled with the dull and monotonous terror of the Tetrahedron, Leo stands up against its reign. 
He is determined to fight to the end to free everyone in the world from the shackles of mindlessness and predetermined lives planned by the machine.
You can see his confidence in Leo’s stance – with knees bent and locked, directly looking up at Tetrahedron and confronting it. His bright clothes reflect his bright personality and courageous spirit to express his creativity. The triangle pattern on his jacks serves as a recurring motif between the two creatures. The dyad is locked into an endless battle to stop the other.
The Tetrahedron demands that all life be subjugated and put under its control. It will devoid all living creatures in the world of their free will in order to establish utopian uniformity. It is fueled by rage over the diversity in the world such as colors, races, ideas, and languages. Its tentacles grab hold of living creatures and brainwashes them to do its bidding, transforming every inch of the earth into a gray utilitarian surface. Leo leads the resistance against the Tetrahedron by re-kindling people’s creativity and imagination by splashing colors all over the drab buildings and erecting art in the night. 
One by one, Leo reawakens the world to a life of happiness and acceptance that a diverse world brings.

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