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Beyond the laws of nature and reality of this universe lies a realm hidden in a pocket dimension. In this secluded little realm, the forces of gravity have been thrown out into a black hole causing there to be no solid ground but rather floating islands.
Several millennia ago, a colony of nomadic, celestial creatures called the Auroi’a stumbled across this hidden gem of space while on an expedition mission to find a new home. The Auroi’a are beautiful and gentle creatures who are capable of gliding through the vacuum of space. They drift from galaxy-to-galaxy riding on the gravitational waves of black holes.
You might say that they look rather similiar to a certain freshwater fish on the planet of Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. That’s because another colony drifted too close to the planet and was pulled into its gravity. Of those who survived that fall from grace from the heavens, even fewer splashed down safely into the young oceans of planet earth. The forces of gravity kept them prisoner on the planet. The pressures of the water forced them to evolve into smaller creatures with bulging eyes.
Back within the pocket realm, the remaining Auroi’a determined that they had found a paradise and decided to settle. There they flourished from the paradoxical nature of gravity and began to build on the floating masses of land. They secreted their golden scales and built magnificent structures, undisturbed and in peace for centuries.
By 2167 AD, the human race had left the planet earth and became a space fairing cavillation, venturing the stars for glory and claiming whole planets for exploit. In 3287, a lone space frontiersman had detected a space anomaly while on the search for unexplored systems. He could not see anything around him but the black void, so he steered his craft manually, relying on strange readings on his sensors. As he continued forward, his instruments and electronics began to grow more erratic and unreliable. He soon found himself at a point of no return.
Suddenly all the power in his craft shut down as if it were sucked away and he found that he had been transported into realm, completely unbeknownst to him earlier. He quickly tried to restart his ship’s reactor to no avail, coming to the conclusion that electricity does not work in this place. Only after accepting his doom did he realize that his craft was not falling but rather slowly sinking towards an unknown void. He checked his surroundings and seeing nowhere to walk on, he exited the craft using a handful of weather balloons to propel himself in this strange place. He began to float away from his falling ship. As he drifted, he caught sight of the gleaming structures and was bewildered by their orientation. He was then frightened by the sight of the Auroi’a dancing around. His heart raced as he continued to ascend and take in this discovery.

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